About Trailblazers

There's a reason outdoor training and trail running is booming in popularity...in fact there are many reasons.  Fresh air, no traffic and the freedom to explore. So what other benefits can trail running offer? Increase core strength, improve co-ordination, increase agility and speed, it's easier on the body, and it's great for the mind providing an undeniable escape from your normal hectic day.  If the benefits of trail running sound like something you want to experience then Trailblazers Run Coaching is for you!

Trailblazers Run Coaching and group trail running sessions are based on the Northside of Brisbane.  They are suitable for people of all abilities from the beginner all the way through to the experienced runner.  Session efforts and challenges are tailored to your personal level of fitness and running goals.  Our ethos is to be a friendly and social group so whilst we train hard we also have a lot of fun along the way!

Sessions takes place on Wednesday's 5:30:-6:30am , Saturdays 5:45-7:45am, and every 2nd Sunday (times vary). Watch our Web and Facebook page for extra sessions that may happen throughout the week!

There’s no need to contact us when planning to attend your first session, just turn up, introduce yourself to the coach, and try it out as your first trail run with us is absolutely free (and very competitively priced thereafter).  Should you have any questions prior to running with us, then you are most welcome to email or phone the coach.



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