"Trailblazers has given me confidence on the trails, as well as building my strength and fitness. With the ongoing support and encouragement you can achieve anything, and still have fun."

Jeanette O


"It has been a wonderful experience training with the Trailblazers over the last 6 months. Michelle Martinez has been great support with my training, with writing training programs, answering questions and also just giving encouragement during training runs. I now look forward to training every week, as I know I will have structure with my training, but have fun doing it. "

Craig L


"Thank you Michelle for putting together such a well-balanced training program. I absolutely loved it. The personalized program was easy and fun to follow and took into account family commitments, work and just life in general. I particularly enjoyed the mandatory yoga sessions !!

The group sessions were a huge motivator as well as your personalized emails and words of encouragement. Thank you for being so accessible.

Although I have been running for several years your program has made me the fittest and strongest I have every felt. I will definitely be signing up for another one."

Melanie C

"Trailblazers Run Coaching has reignited my love of running and Michelle Martinez is a truly amazing run coach! Her professionalism, extensive knowledge and caring personality provides the perfect environment for improvement, fun, friendship and success!  I was feeling that my running was just becoming slower with age and my motivation to run was at an all time low when I found the Trailblazers six week program on Facebook and signed up. This turned out to be one of the best running experiences I have had and I gained so much more than I expected. Under Michelle's guidance my technique improved, my strength grew and I started to feel more confident......particularly with hills! At the completion of the 6 weeks  I set myself a new goal and commenced on an personal program written specifically for me by Michelle for the Gold Coast Half Marathon. My program was challenging but within my limitations. The continual advice and support from Michelle throughout the next 8 weeks was invaluable and I went into my event nervous but with some confidence as I had been working hard and I felt that my speed and strength had improved. I achieved my target time and ran a personal best which was so rewarding for a social runner in her 40's who has a competitive nature! I am so happy to have found the Trailblazers.....not only is Michelle encouraging and supportive but so are the other wonderful runners who belong to this group! "
Tracey B






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