Running Group

Wednesday session

Focus on hill strength and speed work including warm up and various drills, also some track sessions, time trials, total 6-8km

Saturday session

Focus on building endurance and hill strength, may be tempo and speed work, total around 12-14km, with option to run extra

Sunday session (every 2 weeks)

Beginner's trail session for those new to trails, new to running or for those who prefer a shorter, easier run with rest at the top of hills (about 5-7km)

General overview of each session

- Easy warm up/light jog for ~10-15 mins.

- Trail running session which may include hills, single trail drills, speed work, tempo or relay fun!

- Cool down jog for ~10 mins back to base.


Wet weather policy

We will run in rain, hail or shine, but not in lightening storms! After several days of heavy rain (and wind) the trails can become very dangerous. A message will be posted on our Facebook page, usually the night before, to notify of session cancellation. No news is good news!!!

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